3 Big Content Marketing Advantages for Lead Generation

Why Is Content Marketing Such an Effective Lead Generation Activity?

Content marketing has some distinct advantages when it comes to generating leads for your business.

Advantage #1: Opportunity to Provide Value

Publishing useful and helpful content gives your brand the opportunity to provide value to your target market.  This content demonstrates authority and is key for building relationships with potential customers.  Prospects will be more likely to do business with a brand that has supplied them with something of value and demonstrated expertise.

Advantage #2: Measure Interest

Content marketing is interactive and therefor can be used to measure the level of interest your audience has in particular topics. To gain a greater understanding of what is working and what isn't, organize your content by subject and track the following metrics:

  1. Visits
  2. Source
  3. Time on Site
  4. ​Pageviews Per Visit
  5. Goal Completions

Set up your goals and objectives and track the results with an analytics product such as Google Analytics. It will become abundantly clear whether or not you have produced relevant, engaging content that matters your target audience. 

Advantage #3: A (Free) Recommendation From Google

Google Ranking: Producing the most relevant, optimized content puts you to the top of search. Top organic rankings are often perceived as a recommendation because these rankings have to be earned. Customers are actually being referred to your site by Google when you rank. A free referral from Google is a strong way to begin or reinforce a relationship.

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