Fire A Facebook Conversion Pixel With Google Tag Manager

Facebook conversion pixels are important because they enable you to measure conversions that happen on your website from Facebook. This example shows you how to fire the pixel on a mailto event.

  1. Create a conversion pixel by following Facebook’s instructions here
  2. Ensure the Facebook url link you create for your ad contains utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=display
  3. Grab the code and head over to Google Tag Manager
  4. If you don’t have one already, set up a link click listener
  5. Create a new custom HTML tag with the Facebook pixel code
  6. Create a new firing rule for the custom HTML tag
  7. Set the following firing rule conditions:event equals gtm.linkClick, url contains utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=display, element url contains mailto

You now have a Facebook conversion pixel that will fire when someone arrives on your page from your ad and then clicks on your mailto link.

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