The Big 3 Display Advertising Advantages for Lead Generation

As a Lead Generation Channel, Display Advertising has 3 Big Advantages

Display advertising can be an important part of your digital "marketing mix".  

Advantage #1: Variety

Display advertising offers a wide variety of creative formats, targeting options and presentation methods.

Presentation Methods Include:

  1. Expanding
  2. Interstitial
  3. Static
  4. Multi-directional expanding
  5. Multi-floating interstitial
  6. Push-down

Media Format Include:

  1. Images
  2. Animated Images
  3. Video
  4. Audio
  5. Text

Content Format Include:

  1. Native Advertising
  2. Advertorials
  3. Sposorships
  4. Banner Ads

Advantage #2: Value

The cost per click for display ads are cheaper than paid search. This makes Display ads perfect for building awareness and testing new ideas. Display ads can be an excellent channel for learning about what your target market is interested in and what they are not. The vast majority of your ads will display for free because you only pay when people click (with ppc display advertising).

Advantage #3: Reach

The volume of network of impressions is much larger than other channels. Display advertising can reach more people than owned, earned and paid search media combined.

Your reach is expanded because each campaign is not limited to your existing audience or people searching for a particular term. Display advertising is the most affordable channel for building awareness with new target markets.

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