The Big 3 Search Engine Marketing Advantages for Lead Generation

As a Lead Generation Channel, Search Engine Marketing has 3 Big Advantages

Search engine marketing or SEM is all about paying for placement on Google. While organic (unpaid) results take time, you can instantly pay to get to the top with paid search (SEM).

Effective Content marketing programs are built to succeed in the long and short term. 

Advantage #1: Speed

Paid search ads get you to the top of search immediately. Your target audience starts to see ads as soon as you launch your campaign. Simply choose target keywords, write short, text ads and activate your campaign. No waiting for Google to slowly rank your site organically.

Advantage #2: Control

The control offered by paid search advertising makes it possible for companies with both large and small budgets to participate. 

Examples of paid search variables that you can control are:

  1. Maximum Cost Per Click: Set limits on how much you pay for clicks.
  2. Geo-Targeting​: Control which regions see your ads.
  3. Time of Day
  4. Day of the Week
  5. Keyword Match Type: Options for broad, exact and phrase match control ad exposure levels
  6. Device: Define what type of device your ads will show on. 

This level of control ensures that your Search Engine Marketing campaigns only display to your target audience where and when you want them to. 

Advantage #3: Data Insights

Customers who purchase search engine marketing ads on Google, do so by using an advertising service called Adwords. The AdWords service which is mostly focused on keywords, provides users with insights not available to non-paid advertising clients.

2 of the most valuable reports available to Adwords advertisers are:

1. Auction Insights Report

The auction insights report could also be called the competition insights report. This report is unique because it provides you with the spend and performance of your competitors. Gain insights into how your performance stacks up to your competition for the following categories:

  1. ​Impression Share
  2. Average Positon
  3. Overlap Rate
  4. Position Above Rate
  5. Top of Page Rate

2. Search Term Report

The search terms report allows you to see the actual terms people typed into Google before they clicked on your ad.

  1. Add new, profitable terms to your keyword list
  2. Add terms that are hurting performance to your negative keyword list

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