3 Big SEO Advantages that will Increase Your Lead Generation

As a Lead Generation Channel, SEO has 3 big Advantages

SEO has some distinct advantages when it comes to generating leads for your business.

Advantage #1: Free Traffic

Every business can benefit from free, quality advertising. Search engines such as Google, display "organic" search results at no cost. Organic search results are comprised entirely of content considered relevant by the search engine. Organic search can provide your business with a long-term, steady source of traffic at no additional cost.

To take advantage of this free advertising opportunity, you must publish content that is:

  1. A source of value to your target market.
  2. Technically optimized for search engines.

Publishing valuable content is the only way to take advantage of free search engine listings for your brand. 

Advantage #2: Market Demand

Content marketing is a form of marketing called "pull marketing" It's called pull marketing because prospects are pulling for information by searching online.  The keys to filling the existing demand for pull marketing are:

  1. Understand what is important to your target market
  2. Publish optimized content that your target market finds valuable

Unfortunately, failing to publish content that prospects are searching for, you risk losing market share to companies that do. 

Advantage #3: Ranking Report

A search engine's ranking system is one of the easiest and most tangible reports any business can access. Simply type in your target search term to instantly understand where you rank according to your competition. 

Google returns results that let's you and the public know if your content is:

  1. Relevant to your target market
  2. Unique and not duplicated
  3. Focused

Low rankings are a sign that something is wrong. High rankings indicate that your are on track. No ranking indicates the need to get going and publish content!

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