3 Big Steps to Designing  A Website for Lead Generation

Take These 3 Steps to Optimize Your Website Design for Lead Generation 

Your website can look great and generate leads if you follow these 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Set Goals

The first order of business is deciding exactly what goal(s) you want to achieve. Start by Defining micro and macro conversions as well as key performance indicators. Documenting these business goals is essential to ensuring the design of your website support your objectives.

Step #2: Eliminate Guess Work

Set up A/B and or Multi variant tests to ensure the content on your site is optimized for goal conversion. Instead of relying on opinions for making decisions, utilize data-driven insights. Elements you can test include:

  1. Headline
  2. Images
  3. Call to Action
  4. Offer

Step #3: Design for the End User

Design your website from the perspective of your audience. A positive user experience is critical to achieving high engagement and conversion rates. If your website isn't dedicated to serving the needs of it's target market, you will have high abandon rates. Talking with your audience, conducting focus groups and creating personas are great ways to ensure your design is focused on the priorities of the people using your site. 

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